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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Apr 27, 2021

Live from Anime St. Louis 2021, Yuki and TV Guru discuss their experiences at ASTL. Later, special guest Cindy (friend of Yuki) join the hosts and talk about being doxxed by crazy white male nerds online.

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(Things we talked about)

Mortal kombat (hbo max)

Nobody (movie)

Talentless nana (manga)

Dead man Wonder land (anime)

Dave attell Insomniac (comedy central)

Iwgp article written by Yuki the snowman

Kenny lauderdale golden bat (video)

Charge man ken (anime)

Rockefeller funded women's lib (article)

Rockefeller funded women's lib (video)

Belgian PhD student decodes DNA and wins a Bitcoin (article)

Is covid-19 fda approved? (article),COVID-19%20Vaccine.