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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Dec 8, 2020

Video game companies promoting limited run marketing style for gaming products and playing on consumers' F.O.M.O., Yuki and TV Guru sit down to talk about the dangers, fears and sorrow's of missing out and how to combat F.O.M.O

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Receipts in order (only on the website or podcasting apps)

Talentless nana (anime) 
Ikebukoro west gate park (anime) 
Moriarty the patriot (anime)
Message to the millineals by Rizza Islam (book)
Relationship dismount by Zo Williams (book)
Bakemongatari book 2 by nisoisi (book)
The Craft: legacy (movie)
Bill and ted face the music (movie)
Gta 5 (video game)
Paper Mario and the origami king (video game)
Fargo (fx drama)
Higurashi When they cry (anime)