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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Oct 16, 2021

TV Guru and Yuki sit back and talk about Dave Chappelle's latest and final Netflix special: The Closer and give their thoughts on it.  Later, they talk Heels, The Premise, BMF, Higurashi, Squid Game, and more!

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Oct 12, 2021

TV Guru and Yuki sit down to deliver a message to lost Black nerds who refuse to face reality and project their anti-Black views on Black people who aren't nerds.

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Oct 9, 2021

TV Guru and Yuki give their honest and brutal thoughts towards the recent Nintendo Direct and talk about what games they're excited for.  They also talk about Starz newest crime drama BMF and compare it to Power.

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Oct 5, 2021

White folks think black folks are dumb but were not just misinformed in this week brief episode TV guru breakdown how joe biden has always been a white supremacists and who was his mentor. 


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Oct 3, 2021

Without men, this world will turn to sh!t. Yuki and TV Guru explain why with FX's "Y: The Last Man".  Later, they talk "The Premise" and "Dark Side of the Ring: Airplane Ride From Hell".

Remember: Booze, drugs, planes, and wrestlers don't mix well.

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